Friday, August 29, 2008


The reader should know that I don't believe in reincarnation or life after death, in fact I don't believe in magic of any kind, in imaginary invisible beings, in cosmic consciousness, worse, I don't even believe I have a soul.

Rather dry? You can say that again. That's probably why I enjoy so much SciFi and Fantasy fiction litterature.

I think I am the expression of particular genes through the process of evolution. I don't think there is any predestination other than my given qualities at birth, which in the probabilistic chaos that is modern living, doesn't amount to much.

I believe I emerged in an indifferent universe, and that the only compassion I'll ever find will come from the heart of my fellow humans and a few other higher animals. I count on no omnipotent personal invisible god to witness or evaluate my actions. I'm on my own.

When my time is up I'll simply stop being in all my dimensions, under the all-prevailing influence of entropy, having contributed to the the courageous process of the complexification of organic life.

Stiff but alas true, methinks.

And I have now come to the conclusion that pretending, teaching or preaching anything else is dangerous.

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